resilient modular systems

focusing on emerging markets, we are a leader in innovative modular systems
using hybridized solutions and composite materials for the building industry
sxsw eco 2014 - startup springboard (seed stage) - pitch finalist
sxsw eco 2014 - place by design - finalist
harvard dean's challenge 2014 - 2nd prize: $15K pitch prize
harvard dean's challenge 2014 - finalist: $5K seed funding
harvard business school - social enterprise challenge - finalist

this platform allows users to download an open-source modular brick for additive manufacturing.

use the left side to pan and rotate the file, and the below to download the file. send us your success stories and videos once you have made a version !

length in feet:
( max : x ) 15 feet

width in feet:
( max : y ) 15 feet
approx. wall area *:
( sq. feet )

number of modules *:

* based on max. height of 8ft.
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